SCBGL Going Foward

When I created the Star City Board Game League, I had a vague idea of what I wanted it to be. Really it was just 4 friend playing games every Tuesday night and I decided to keep track of wins and game stats which turned into competition among friends.

We enjoyed it so much, that we decided to expand the group to 8 players and really start to take a shape of an actual league. At that point, the picture of the league was starting to form in my head. The direction focused and a rough organization was set. Of course it was in a fragile state with questionable dedication, and lack of meaningful leadership. Nevertheless, I put the league on my back and carried it through the second season.

Even after a rough second season, I still saw potential for the league and pushed for further expansion! We managed to get 13 active players and 14 total league members for our latest season. We upgraded our game library, improved the website (twice now thanks to Jake) and continued to make our ragtime league work.

But even then, I felt like there really wasn’t a true love and dedication to the league. I often felt the members were just there. Often, a feeling of loneliness overwhelmed me as I looked around and thought the only love for the league came from me. Without the proper support, I couldn’t have continued to push the league forward. For the moment the league grows stale, the moment the league stops doing its intended purpose.

I envision this as an opportunity to create a unique environment that is often missing in society. I want the league to be open and welcoming. It does not judge. It does not hate. It should provide a safe haven for everyone. No matter the background, a person should be able to play board games with an added sense of competitiveness and not have to worry about the world outside. A player should be able to learn to play, and be supported by his/her fellow players. They should feel embraced. They should feel that playing these games with like-minded people can be a brief reprieve from the pains of the world.

So I stepped down from the commissioner position (for many reason), and then I saw what I failed to see for so many weeks. The community that I had started stood up and carried the torch. Fellow members took on bigger roles. The league chatter increased. Buzzing floated throughout the league. People cared. People want to see this league succeed. And it should!

There is potential here. There always has been, but not one person can make something great. It takes an entire community to push it forward, to promote it, to improve upon it. Now is the time to band together, own this opportunity, and make Competitive Board Gaming and the Star City Board Game League great!

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