Ranked Games: Are you ready?


Using the Rankade system for developing and maintaining player ratings, the league provides a better understanding of skill level, player improvement, and the ability to provide better matches and more competitive games.

Therefore, when members of the SCBGL are playing outside of league play (which we do, and do often) and are playing a league approved game, then the game may be considered an official sanctioned game if:

  • At least half of the players are current members of SCBGL
  • A simple majority agrees that the game is to be used for ratings
  • The game results are posted to Rankade within 24 hours.

If there are players that aren’t registered members of SCBGL, they can be considered guests when posting results to Rankade. Those players are also welcome to become members of the SCBGL by creating an account with the SCBGL and Rankade and enjoy the benefits of our existing community.

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