Ladder League – Explained

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of a ladder league, then this post is just for you! Yes, specifically for you. Hope you feel special.

So what is a ladder league? Well, take the concept of a leaderboard and imagine it as a ladder with a rung for each player. Each rung of the ladder represents the players’ positions relative to fellow players. Therefore the player on the first rung is considered to be the current top player while the player on the bottom run is considered to be the last place player.

Now unlike a leaderboard, a ladder isn’t used to demostrated who has the best rating, or most wins, etc. Instead a ladder considered more like an indefinite tournament without elimination using a challenge sytem to determine matches and outcomes. Also, unlike a leaderboard, a ladder doesn’t start with the best on top, but rather at the bottom. Therefore after a certain amount of time and matches, eventually the ladder will filter itself and the cream of the crop will float to the top rungs.

So lets create a ladder with the current ratings according to Rankade.

You should notice that the players considered to be stronger players are near the bottom.

Now lets say Player Merrit initates a 4-player challenge, and because of the ladder league rules, he can only challenge players up to three spots above him. Therefore, in a 4 player game of Catan, Merrit plays Bishop, Smith, and Janas with the following results.

Result Player Current rank
2 Janas 4
1 Smith 5
3 Bishop 6
4 Merrit 7

The ladder would then update to show the new results showing Smith who won the match would be placed in the highest rung among the players in the challenge.

For the next match, Maloney sees a golden opportunity to take the top rung early in the season with a game of Stone Age with Schaben and Szakacs which he does take a win.

This continues until the end of the allotted time for matches and you get something similar to the following ladder.

It is important to note the rest of the table. Because the SCBGL league plays multiple types of games in a season, there are requirments to met in order to be eligible. In this example all the players met the 6 game minmum requirement, but not all met the 1 game requirement for each game. Smith never played Stone Age. Schaben avoided Isle of Skye along with Bishop.

You will also notice that Marn and Saas eventually made their way up the ladder after starting in the bottom third to start while players like Janas slipped down towards the bottom.

That’s the gist of how a ladder league works. If you have any other comments, feel free to leave a comment!

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