2017 Winter/Spring Ladder League

SEASON INFO: Start date: January 30th, 2017 End date: June 30th, 2017 Initial ladder will be posted the morning of January 30th. No registration fees. League games for this season: Settlers of Catan Isle of Skye Stone Age 7 WonderS   LADDER RULES: All registered SCBGL players who are also registered with Rankade.com are eligible[…]

Ranked Games: Are you ready?

RANKED GAMES Using the Rankade system for developing and maintaining player ratings, the league provides a better understanding of skill level, player improvement, and the ability to provide better matches and more competitive games. Therefore, when members of the SCBGL are playing outside of league play (which we do, and do often) and are playing[…]

2016 SCBGL Caverna Challenge!

Caverna is often a league favorite to play due to its complexity and opportunistic player choices that this worker placement gave provides. Unfortunately, the league put Caverna out of league rotation because of game length, but that doesn’t me we have to stop playing! Therefore, SCBGL has created the first ever league challenge! The 2016[…]

The Wonders of 7 Wonders

‘He spoke, the son of Cronos, and nodded his head with the dark brows, and the immortally anointed hair of the great god swept from his divine head, and all Olympos was shaken’  -Iliad, I, 528-530  7 Wonders has won 30 awards. After playing it, this really isn’t surprising. 7 Wonders by Antoine Bauza is[…]

It’s a Smallworld After All

With my Ivory Tower of Priestesses standing strong on my now only remaining claimed territory, my position for the end of times never belt better. All I had to do is withstand the next few rounds, and claim my reward, but dark winds blew as a new race appeared from the edge. Once they planted[…]