July 26, 2018

Current Season (2018Q3) Format and Rules

SCBGL – Mill Mountain Division


League size – 4- 6 players

Length of season – 8 to 12 games (dependent on number of players)

Games – Player’s Choice


All persons interested will be eligible until league size is at capacity.


Before the season begins, a randomly determined player order will be determined for game selection and location. Each player will have two games in which the player selects the game and location. It will be up to the league players when the games are played.

Game Selection:

Games will be selected by the next listed player on the schedule. Games must meet the following requirements:

  • Player count equal to the league size
  • Non-cooperative
  • All players must have at least 1 game of experience with the game prior to official sanctioned game (a learning game is allowed in order to meet the requirement)
  • May only be selected twice in a single season
  • Must have distinguishable results (i.e. scoring/placement)

League Scoring:

The league will be scored by averaging the final placement of the players from the games played where the lower the value results in the higher standings. After all games have been played, the player with the lowest average will be declared league champion.

Final placement of games will be based on the games written winning conditions and applicable tie breakers, excluding tie breakers requiring replaying said game. If the game rules conclude that the winning conditions are tied, then both players will receive a final placement of equal value.

All end of season ties will be resolved according to the SCBGL Ultimate Rule Book.


                The SCBGL Ultimate Rule Book supersedes all games’ rules. Otherwise follow the written rule book for the game. For all disputes, please follow the SCBGL Ultimate Rule Book procedure.